Artisan Plant-based Cheese

Growing A Culture For A Plant-based Future

At Mooli Foodworks in Devon, we’ve created a delectable range of artisan plant-based cheese alternatives using cultured cashews or soybeans. Their flavours reflect the time, care and quality ingredients that went into their craftsmanship. A true labour of love that we can’t wait to share with you!

Dairy-free & Delicious!

Our dairy-free cheeses are standalone, flavoursome plant-based products. Therefore, they are highly suitable for vegans, people with lactose-intolerance – and anyone else requiring healthy, delicious, environmentally-sustainable food.

They’re handmade with either cashews or soybeans (rarely both), so we usually have nut-free or soy-free choices available. We’ve sourced the finest ingredients to make them, including organic cashews, soybeans, coconut oil, herbs and spices.

Using homegrown and seasonal ingredients is also very important to us at Mooli Foodworks. So, our recipes include our own garlic, garden herbs, chillies and sun-dried tomatoes wherever possible.

We employ similar techniques to traditional cheesemaking, but we use allergen-free, vegan-certified cultures in our fermentation process. These cultures consist of friendly lactic acid bacteria – natural probiotics which serve to maintain a healthy gut flora.

Our Plant-based Cheese Range

Making plant-based cheeses is fast becoming an obsession and we’re continually increasing our range. We’ve created a unique cheeseboard-full of flavours and textures! Some cheese alternatives have the firm texture of a traditional cheddar-style cheese due to the ageing process. Others remain softer with a smooth, spreadable cream cheese-like texture. Both are delicious with crackers…our homemade seeded crackers, of course! You can buy them from our Pop-up Vegan Farm Shop.

Where To Buy Our Plant-based Cheeses

We’re confident our passion for creating plant-based cheese will be tasted in every bite. So, please Contact Us if you would like to buy them before they become available via our online shop.

Small and limited edition seasonal batches can be sampled and purchased at our Cheese and Wine Events. Not only can you buy our plant-based cheeses, but you’ll be able to help shape our growing range in the future.

We sell them at our monthly Pop-up Vegan Farm Shop, or you may call in and collect (by prior arrangement).

You could also make a Plant-based Dining & Events booking and enjoy them as part of our menu.

Our commitment to creating environmentally-sustainable products is reflected in our packaging which is 100% compostable and/or recyclable.